Tammy + Bryan

City:  St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

My husband and I met when we were 12 we were friends we lost touch After High School got back in touch with each other at the age of 21 he came into my life helped me raise my children no questions asked just took right over as their father he's an amazing man we've had a great life together been married almost four years now he still runs me baths send me flowers brings me medicine to work when I'm sick I couldn't ask for a better man and partner he never hesitates to do anyting he will do all housework bath children he really is the perfect man and I honestly believe we are the perfect couple we've been through so many hard times we always bounce back because we have each other and that's all that matters to us we are definitely crazy in love being together 17 years married for almost four and it's the best 17 years of Our Lives. He works very hard 14/15 hours a day never asked for anything always puts Myself & Children First. We are definitely crazy in love and I have the best man ever

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