Tracey + Richard

City: St. Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you Crazy in Love? 

"We are childhood sweethearts who first met when my best friend asked me to ask Richard to go on a date with her and his response was ?No thank you I want to go with you...? From that moment we fell inlove and have been inlove for 34 years, married for 24 years. This year will be our 25th Anniversary and winning this competition will be an amazing gift to celebrate 25 years of marriage and a thank you to my amazing husband for always encouraging me to follow my dreams, supports me 100 percent in my Daycare business, is always giving without every expecting anything in return. He supports his family and gives so much love that when your daughters tell you they want to find a man exactly like their Dad - speaks volumes of what an amazing man he is and deserves to be spoilt and this prize would be the ultimate gift for him and I to spend a quality time holiday together - just the two of us. We have always gone away together as a family and a romantic holiday just for the two of us would be an amazing 25th Anniversary Gift.
 I love him today as much as I did meeting him that day at the age of 14... We have never needed a break and in fact seeing him at the end of every day makes my heart smile so big. I love every minute spent in his arms ??"

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