Virginia + Dave

City: Thorold

Status: Married

Why are you Crazy in Love? 

We met in 2000 and not one day had we been apart till 2015.... (we married in 2005) when I almost passed away from medical complication.... and him not liking hospitals (he passes out most times ) was there every day all day by my side waiting for me to wake up and come home.....when I did get home he stayed by my side and helped me get better and did all the things a hubby should never have to do like helping me dress and holding me when I cried from the pain ...its been 18 almost 19 years and everytime I see him I love him that much more he is my life and my soul....I thank god for him every day.... he is what every husband should be loving caring a strong... I'm much better now thanks to the love of my life we have had hard time but have never stopped loving each other

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