Angela + Vince

City: Niagara On The Lake

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

Omg..where do I begin..Here is my story. The very first day that I met my husband,I was picking sweet cherries on my parents fruit farm. I was only 16 years old at the time. Vincent had come that day to pick up his parents because they were hired to pick cherries. He drove up with his Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme, we locked eyes! He was so handsome. Of Course I didn't know anything about him only that my parents hired his parents to pick the cherries!! My father would have never approved at a time, I was too young and my father was a strict Italian Immigrant from Sicily! Many weeks and then many months went by. I was still thinking of him. Every christmas we sent christmas cards to our farm workers...of course I sent one to Vincent's home for his parents. He called my home that Christmas Eve on the excuse of saying that you for the card. He asked to speak to my father first. I was so happy that my father invited him for a friendly christmas drink...he came that night,,history in the making! My dad laid out the rules. If he was truly interested in me then he could only come to the house to visit me. We were not allowed to go on any dates by ourselves! Almost 2 years later we were engaged to be married...he literally came every night. This was true love and respect for my parents and me!! We married on March 19th 1983 We have 2 beautiful children and two beautiful grandchildren. Over the year we endured may challenges, Today I can tell you we would do it all again!!

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