Angie + Dean

City: Fonthill

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

In many relationships people argue over who is right. We agree that on two occasions at least, Dean has been right. He said he was going to marry me. I said I'll never say yes. We've been married almost 23 years. He said he wanted us to go into business together. I said no way, I'm never leaving my career. This year marks 20 years in business together. (there were a few times I stormed out announcing I quit though)

I love Dean for all the things he doesn't do, he doesn't complain about my messy closet, my messy makeup vanity, my messy side of the bathroom. He's very neat. He doesn't let me open the car door for myself, always getting it for me. He doesn't forget to leave me post it notes with messages of I love you for no reason at all. He doesn't ask about the new Sephora bag I tried hiding. He doesn't bat an eye at my nightly requests to turn the tv up louder and louder. Nor get annoyed when I interrupt the tv show 100 times with another story I want to share. He doesn't leave for work or come home without giving me a hug every single day! For 25 years I've been blessed with a husband who DOESN'T do a lot of things. And he does them perfectly! He doesn't ever let me forget he's crazy in love with me.

And I'm crazy in love with him too!

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