Annette + Rob

City: St Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

Rob and I have will have been married for 25 years this Dec. Our love is like a ocean because it is calm and very relaxed and we enjoy each other company all the time. And we love to do things together or as a family.
Then it is like a storm with very rough waters because Rob and I have been struck with lighting 10 years ago and suffer many side effects still to this day. Within the same year I have suffered a sign falling on my head and gave me a very serious concision which I still tried to work that day I figured if lighting can't take me down either will this. And I also broke my arm in the same year. (So our love has been tested)
But every day I am so thankful that both of us survived.
Our love is what kept us together and being very open and honest with each other on how we felt. Not many can say they were hit with lighting but we both can and we did it together. Plus my mom and dad live with us and have for 18 years of our marriage. We both love them very much but their troubles also falls onto our shoulders to help take care of them. Can you say our love has been tested many times. My mom has suffered 3 strokes and has a brain tumor has had cancer and COPD but she is like a cat and keeps going. She is who also gives me all my strength and my dad has had one heart attack and one minor stoke. And my truly amazing loving husband Rob has still stuck with me the whole time. So really through the good and the bad sickness and health. He is my rock and he is what keeps me going everyday. He is the best and most caring man I have ever met. We have 2 wonderful kids our son is in university and our daughter in grade 11. We love our family as much as we love each other. This year is my mom and dad's 50th anniversary and we were suppose to go on a nice trip together but bad things keep happening to them and they can't afford the insurance to go anywhere.
The ocean is where we need to be to watch sunsets, sunrises that gives us another day for each others love.

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