Carla + Mike

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

You asked why we?re CRAZY IN LOVE?!
It starts with how my kids always get hugs!
Mike and I met at work over 14 years ago.
We loved playing cards and going to the show!
He cheers for Raptors , while I heart the HABS! I do high 5?s with our daughter, with our son Mike does DABB?s!
I?m the Yankee fan, he?s Jays through n through. I make him wear Pinstripes, while I don Bluejay blue!
We?ve cheered in the ?Dawg Pound?, we?ve done many ?BIG FUN? events together! We?ve danced at U2 in New Brunswick in all kinds of crazy weather!
He had never seen Lebron and he was playing in Toronto! I grabbed him birthday tickets and he said WE should both go!
He surprises me with flowers and always makes our kids laugh. Funny thing is I?m 5?2? and he?s a 6?6? giraffe!!
We are both very different, yet so much the same, with our kids and each other, smiles are the name of the game!
WHY ARE WE CRAZY IN LOVE, because love never ends....When you get to hang out everyday with YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND!!!

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