Christine + Kevin

City: St Catharines

Status: Common Law

Why are you crazy in love?

Kevin is my rock, he keeps me grounded, he makes me feel safe he reminds me everyday why I love him. I was 15 he was 19 when we started "dating" we have 2 beautiful children and 2 amazing grand daughters. Our family is close and the bond he has with my children is all I could ever imagine for a father for my children. We have never been away together anywhere and it'll be 30 years September 27th that we have been together. He asked me to be his girlfriend on September 27th 1989 in a friend's driveway while we were sitting in the back of his cousins van on a rainy night. I'll never forget how happy he made me felt lol... Not a extraordinary love story but it's ours and almost 30 years later we love each other more than the day we met.

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