Crystal + Brent

City: Sherkston

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

Last August 11 my long-time (15 years!) boyfriend Brent and I were married. We were set up years earlier in high school and dated until he pulled a Houdini when I told him I loved him - nothing makes a teenager boy run faster! Nearly a decade later in 2003 he tracked me down through a mutual friend working drive-thru and convinced her to give him my address. I've been thinking of how to explain how we feel about each other today but nothing sounds right so I will just share part of the vows we wrote and hope it comes close to conveying our love!

"Brent, I'm so blessed that I found not only my soon-to-be-husband but my very best friend. You have always been my rock, the one I could count on no matter what the circumstance. You have always been my shoulder to cry on, my support system when times were hard and my wine-at-sunset beach buddy when times are good. And they ARE good with you by my side..."

"Crystal, I vow to keep on learning from you - learning patience, learning tolerance and acceptance, learning forgiveness and most of all learning what real love looks like. To work hard every day to do my part in providing for this amazing family that you make possible for ALL of my children and myself. To show my appreciation and respect for your hard work and dedication to this unthinkable life we have made for our family..."

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