Elizabeth + Taylor

City: Smithville

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

My boyfriend Taylor and I have been dating for six years. In long term relationships, it?s easy to get too comfortable when it comes to showing how much you love each other. My boyfriend is from a family of rough-and-tumble boys, so emotional frailty is something he does not easily grasp. But, it?s the little things that speak volumes. Three years ago, Taylor and I did a three-week backpacking trip in Indonesia and we rented a motorbike to get around. Sure enough, we had an accident, running the motor-bike off the road. From the ground, I could see my foot was gushing blood. My boyfriend also had his toes cut up. We frantically rode back to the town and on the way, passed a ?clinic? where they offered to patch us up. A small Indonesian man began to cut away all the excess skin from my wound, and clean it with iodine. I screamed and squeezed Taylor?s hand in a death grip. Suddenly Taylor said, ?I think I need to lie down?, and he promptly FAINTED right there beside me. Next thing I know these two little men were hauling Taylor onto the bed, and spoon-feeding him sugary tea while he regained his colour. MY pain caused him to faint! Now, fainting is as good as a sonnet in guy speech. Sometimes I wish Taylor would show me how much he loves me, but then I think back to moments like that, and think ?yup, I?m good.?

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