Galen + Jacqueline

City: Oshawa

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

"Jacqueline was my first crush when I was only 12. We were partnered together in grade 8 as part of an exercise on teamwork at a science camp. However, the crush I had on her and the connection we shared simmered in the background as friends and circumstances came between us throughout high school. Yet ? no matter what any of our friends thought of us ? we would dance one slow song together every year at the annual school dance.
 We reconnected over Facebook years later and got together to catch up with no romantic intention at all. However, all that changed as I got to know her again. She was not only the great girl that I once knew, but she had blossomed further into the woman of my dreams. She was funny, graceful, passionate, adventurous, brave, strong, honest, loyal and incredibly kind hearted.
 After we parted that day my life hadn?t measurably changed, but everything felt vastly different.
 A whirlwind of romance ensued and we married after just over a year.
 12 years have passed since that reunion and every day she is in my life I feel richer than any lottery winning could provide. She lights up my life, inspires me to be a better man and fills my heart with joy.
 No words will ever truly describe the depth of love I have for my wife, so I will endeavor to show her in every way I can for the rest of my life."

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