Izabela + Austin

City: St Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love?

Austin has been my sunshine and rainbow's rays after a rain storm for 4 years now. We met when we were young and still have the strongest, truthful, most comforting love everyone deserves and wishes upon a star for.
We have some crazy experiences at festivals, joyful days painting by the water in Notl, watching the sunset wrapped in blankets on cold winter days at Devils Punch Bowl and pretending we are food critics at different local restaurants.
He makes me laugh so hard it leaves me with abs, a squished face with tears rolling down my cheeks while i silently shake.
His eyes speak such a loving language only mine can understand and see. The comfort in his heart lets me know that absolutly nothing will harm me.
On New years 2018 he told me some news that I would like to share. All of my family is in Poland, not including my parents and sister. I have been so anxious on the days i think of my babcia (grandma) not being able to make it to our wedding one day, in which he replied we will go to my babcia if she cant make it to us.
This man is the most precious man there is. (to me) There are no words that would do our love justice and I am so blessed to have as wonderful of a partner as i do. The word perfect does not exist, but to me, our love is perfection. Our love is time, our love is honesty. Our love is so deep, meaningful, and breath taking.
I love him. I am in love with him. And i like him.
Thank you for letting me brag about the love of my life.

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