Jayne + Garth

City: St Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

After half my life already gone, I finally found the man I'm supposed to be with. I was married for all the wrong reasons, but I did get a wonderful son out of the marriage. I have a strong network of friends, and of the friends that were in relationships, I envied all of them each for different reasons. After my divorce I dated, but wouldn't settle. Then I re-found Garth.

Garth has been my light ' we first met 35 years ago at the same high school, and our connection was instant. It wouldn't have worked back then, but it sure is working now. He took a day off work, and instead of enjoying it and doing whatever HE wanted, he drove my son around looking for a job and taking him to drop off his resume to some employers. They spent pretty much the entire day doing that. At Christmastime, when we were leaving, my son yelled out the car window, 'I love you Garth'. My heart'.well, it melted.

I would love for us to win a trip. Somehow, it will be us coming full circle back to each other as a family. He's more of a dad to my son than his biological father is, and he does it because he loves both of us unconditionally.

If this man asked me to marry him, I would not hesitate, AND winning the trip would mean a destination wedding. Please help me make all of this happen!!!

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