Karen + Craig

City: Niagara On The Lake

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

I've never written about this or even acknowledge Valentines Day for that matter, but after listening to your radio station in my office warehouse while working, I thought, why not tell the world how much I love my husband and take a chance to go on a much needed get-a-way with my best friend! I married my husband 29 years ago and we have been through hell and back a few times. We are both not only "still in love today" but we BOTH are more in love and affectionate with each other today than when we got married 29 years ago. No, he doesn't bring me flowers or buy me diamonds (although I wish he would), but it is the everyday things. Like making me a cup of tea at night or making and bringing me coffee in bed every weekend and hold hands when we drive. He puts my needs before his and has ALWAYS had my best interest at heart. My father passed away recently after months in hospital which was located 1 ½ hr drive from our home. I stayed at my parents home for 2-4 nights every week to help my Mom and be with my Dad, and on the days I would come home, no matter what time, my husband would have a cup of tea ready for me when I walked in the door. He treats me like a Princess, has always showed affection to me (especially to give my behind a squeeze in the kitchen where the kids would see and be grossed out by it), and says, he wants to "give me the desires of my heart". We've been through so much in our 36 years (29 of them married) together that I cannot imagine a better man in the entire world who would love me as much as my husband loves me. We even work together! We are rarely apart.

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