Mary + Harry

City: St Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

I am growing crazy in love with this man. Below is the poem he wrote for me for Valentines Day, while in the hospital recovering from apendicitis surgery.
To me he is the epitome of patience and kindess. He always trusts, he always protects, and he always perserveres. Through our ups, downs and fears, our love prevails over and over again.

Crazy in love (newly titled)
When we first met
Our friends were dancing and singing
The band was playing it loud
On an Irish night
When we first met

With your zest for life
We lived it large
Biking under a moon lit sky
Hiking through the cornfield
Swaying in the hammock, me and you
On a beautiful sunny morning
On a beach in PEI just for two

Through the joy
There was also some sadness and tears
But mainly happiness
As the months rolled into years

You have taught me so much
That I am better for it
And though it may end up broken
I stand here now
Moving forward with my heart wide open

Niether of us knows what the future holds
But I know in my heart
That there will be no regret
Of that beautiful night
When we first met

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