Mercedes + Faro

City: Niagara On The Lake

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

Faro and I meet in Mexico back in 1986, it was love in the first sight, we were able to spent so time together, and hard to say good bye. Each of us went back to our city Faro went back to Canada and I went back to my city 8n Mexico, telephone calls 2 or 3 times a week; there wasn't any Facebook and one of our ways of communication was through letters;So many of them it was amazing to receive them, I still have them all as they just arrived , inside their envelope. Weeks went by and became months. We decided that we have to see each other again . I came to Canada in the following spring proposed marriage and insisted for me to stay, not possible went back to my family and us I told him to do things right. He asked permission to marry me to my parents. We got married in December 1987. It has been 31 years of great live together with up and downs our relationship is stronger than ever, two kids and now two great adults, loving and respectful of others. We can wait to continue this live together with the family and our next chapter. Our beautiful daughter got engage last year, she said to us that she wishes to have same crazy In love marriage as her parents

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