Nicole + Freddie

City: Niagara Falls

Status:  Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

I'm crazy I love with my husband Freddie because he is my best friend in the whole world not a day has gone by where I don't wake up and just look at him and smile I can't just say one thing why I'm crazy in love everything from his voice to heart I met him when I first started high school at thirteen I'm now twenty four we got married Dec 1st 2012 one month after I turned 18 an a week later we found out we were expecting our son Damien Freddie has been there for me threw everything the day I met him I was going to stay out on the street because I missed curfew he put me over his shoulder and carried me to his moms place even tho I was reluctant he had me check in at home and gave me his bed to sleep in and told me I shouldn't hang out outside for a night ,Before our son was born we would go down to the falls and sit there for hours just looking at the stars and talk, on our first Father's Day he got into a motorcycle accident and I thought I lost him and for a moment I felt like a part of me was gone but he was fine when he looks at me I feel like I'm the only one around he's an amazing father and husband he is the reason I believe in true love and happiness he is selfless and will help anyone in need. Whenever we are apart we don't say goodbye we always say see or talk to you later when I seen this contest I couldn't help but think there's a chance for a late honeymoon for us we got married and had our beautiful son and amazing life together full of amazing moments and wonderful memories and many more to come

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