Robert + Samantha

City: Grimsby

Status: Engaged

Why are you crazy in love?

Why are we crazy in love?

Before I met Samantha my life was like SALSA without SPICES.

Before Samantha I used to wake up every morning and make breakfast for NO-ONE and at night I would lay In a bed ALONE for what seemed like..........ALL OF MY LIFE.....

I used to think that chasing fancy ladies, wearing fancy clothes and using fancy creams and lotions would make my life good......reeeeaaallll good.

I met Samantha and instantly fell CRAZY IN LOVE. I thought to myself Samantha is the #1, her hair is #1 her eyes are #1 her smile is #1 her legs are #1 SAMANTHA IS THE #1.

It was only when Samantha gave this crazy guy a chance that our crazy love grew. We have already had a little Nino and soon we are to be married, so to my crazy love I say...
Hug, hug, kiss, kiss
Hug, hug, big kiss,
Little hug, kiss, kiss, little kiss.

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