Shannon + Garrett

City: St. Anns

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love? 

Ohhhh how I love Garrett. I am so crazy about this man. I love Garrett?s goofy smile. I love that he?s a momma?s boy, a cat lover and the occasional opera singer. I love how Garrett feels like home. I love that he?s a teddy bear -the kind of gentle giant who loves ?heart to hearts? and cuddles but can also bench press me with one arm. I love how he follows a really special, romantic moment with a loud fart and says, ?I do it because I love you?-and somehow it makes me love him more. I love that how he holds our baby nieces. I love that he invites me to poker night with the boys and makes me feel like a winner even when I make bad calls. I am crazy in love with this man and his patience. I love that he makes time for me -we can sit and talk in the hot tub or go for long walks for hours. I haven?t gone a day in this relationship without being in awe of this man. I love his work ethic, determination and faith. I am crazy about Garrett because he is a man of his word. I love that I can trust Garrett, and he can make me feel secure amidst all my insecurities. Even when I ugly cry, this man makes me feel beautiful. I love Garrett -this man is all the silly clichés and cheesy loves songs. I am crazy, crazy, in love.

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