Steve + Ann-Marie

City: Niagara Falls

Status:  Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

I am crazy in love with my wife Ann-Marie because she is the epitome of selflessness. We?ve been married for 16 years and still to this day I am amazed at how she puts the needs of myself and our three daughters always ahead of hers. Life has definitely dealt us many ups and downs, trials and tribulations that have tested our love, but she continues to be the stabilizing factor in our marriage the glue that binds our family together, the love of my life. We love to share with each other and do things together. An example of this is she has coffee with me just so we can be with each other, all the while she doesn?t even like coffee! Ann-Marie deserves a trip like this because I want to surprise her (she doesn?t know I entered this contest) and let her know just how much I love her and just how much she means to me?.Babe I love you and all that you do. I love you more than chocolate fondue!!!

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