Sue + Doug

City: Uxbridge

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? We first dated back in 1986, then went our separate ways and reconnected in 2012 and it felt like we had never been apart. We got married in 2015. He is my rock, my best friend and I am so lucky to wake up to this wonderful man everyday! We both truly believe everything in life happens for a reason. Our lives are very busy I would love nothing more than to surprise him with a fabulous week away!

  • A Magical Mousey Mess

    Unscramble the word puzzles for a chance to win a 4 pack of tickets to Disney on Ice
  • No Repeat Workday

    If you hear the same song twice M-F 9-5, you could win $1000!
  • Crazy in Love

    Tell us why you're crazy in love with your beau for a chance to win a luxury included vacation for 2!
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