Sue + Ken

City: Thorold

Status:  Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

We've been crazy in love ever since I first saw Ken on the baseball diamond in his cute little uniform almost 25 years ago. I knew right away that I was in love. My twin sister was dating another player on the team (whom she has been happily married to for 24 years), and while at the game pointed out which guys were single... so I watched the game and by the end, I had chosen my man ... we now have 3 beautiful teenage/adult children and spend all our time watching them play baseball, basketball, hockey and almost any sport that they can play. Our love for each other is what makes our crazy life work - as we have often joked that we are like two ships passing in the night. We wouldn't trade one chance to watch our children do what they love. Even with this all going on, we still find time for each other. It's the little things that he does every day that make me realize how wonderful he is and how lucky I am to be married to him. I chose the best guy ever.

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