Teresa + Darryl

City: St Catharines

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love?

A million reasons why we are so In love. We met in highschool and I told him in grade 10 that I knew one day we'd be married. I wrote him a love note back then explaining that I was nervous we'd mess it up if we started dating too young, so we should wait until after highschool to be serious. We always had a blast together and a secret "love crush". After highschool as soon as I got my license I picked him up in my moms station wagon and said it was time ?????? We made a lifelong commitment that night, made it official 3 years later when we got married in 2004 and will celebrate 15 years married this October! I still think he's the hottest man alive and I know he wakes up everyday and asks himself what he can do to make my day special. I am so thankful for the amazing man he is for me and incredible hunky capable dad he is to our kids. I think we are the luckiest couple on the planet! 15 years has flown by and I can't wait for the next 15 years of adventures with my man! We support and trust each other on every level, we keep things fun and find adventures and laughs in the little things. We never go to bed angry and he even massages my head every single night as I fall asleep! Seriously ?!? I know! Luckiest lady right here!!! Thanks for the opportunity to share our love story and maybe win an amazing trip!

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