Toni + Jason

City: Niagara Falls

Status: Married

Why are you crazy in love? 

From the beginning, I knew he was a caring and loving person.
Before our first date, Jason called and left a message to make sure I knew where the restaurant was located and what time we were meeting. Then he called and left a message with directions to the restaurant. Then he called and left another message with different directions to the restaurant in case I didn?t quite understand the first directions. Then he called to make sure I got all the messages. Some might say annoying, but I say loving. As our first date came to a close, I put on my glasses, and Jason said, ?May I? to indicate that he was going to adjust them as they were not sitting on my face correctly. At the time, Jason was in school studying to be an eye doctor. All of these kind gestures led me to believe that I would always be thought of and cared for. It started on our first date and has continued throughout our 20 years of marriage. He was there for me through years of failed fertility treatments, holding my hand and keeping me positive. No, he?s not perfect. He definitely has his faults, but one thing I know, is that he cares for me and for our son with an endless love. He?s a bit of a nerd, as evidenced by his over the top obsession with anything Star Wars. And yes, he has action figures, but I call them dolls. But that?s him, a kid at heart. What I know is that he is passionate about our family. He loves us, takes care of us, he drives us crazy, and he makes us laugh. That?s why I?m Crazy in Love.

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