Rosie - Female Boxer mix - 5 years old

Rosie is a gorgeous girl who is super sweet and loves all people! Her biggest issue is with other animals. She tries to pick fights with dogs, she's very strong and a total alpha female. For this reason, she will not be able to attend dog parks or any other social outings that have other dogs. Her perfect family have a strong, solid 6 ft wooden fence, no other animals and understands not to put Rosie in any situations where she could get to another animal. They also have no children under 12 years old (due to her strength). She is a human's best friend and is a very chill and lovable dog.


Lincoln County Humane Society and Niagara Regional Animal Services
160 Fourth Avenue St. Catharines, ON L2S 0B6 
P: 905-682-0767  E:  W: