CAA Niagara reps say majority of vehicles still not slowing down or moving over

Even though drivers are required to give emergency workers at the side of the road space, it looks like that still isn't happening.

Associate Director of Emergency Road Side with CAA Niagara David Moreno recently took part in a ride along and says about 80% of the vehicles did not slow down or move over.

"On one call we were there for 21 minutes, and the operator was outside of his car for 21 minutes helping the vehicle, changing a tire, loading a car, and we had about 241 vehicles pass, travelling at 100km/hr or faster down the QEW and it's just - that's 241 chances of a collision or an injury happening."

Drivers are required to slow down and move over when an emergency vehicle is at the side of the road with their lights flashing; tow trucks are included in the law.

Moreno says the most common occurances include people on the side of the road being clipped by a mirror or hit by trash stirred up by cars whizzing by.

This comes as the speed limit on the QEW between Niagara and Hamilton will be increased to 110 km/hr as part of a two year pilot project by the provincial government in September.