Cannabis on the beach

The City of Port Colborne is trying to address concerns over cannabis use at the beach. 

The city is planning a series of public bonfires this summer at Nickel Beach. There will be a temporary by-law  for those events that prohibits smoking tobacco or marijuana on the beach.

The question moving forward is, should smoking on the beach be allowed at all?

Currently the regional by-law does not include beaches as a smoke-free zone. 

Port Colborne CAO, Scott Luey says it comes down to expectations at the beach. "You drive up into a spot between two cars with your family and the people in those two cars are deciding they want to use a legal substance. How do you reconcile those beach users and their different desires."

Luey adds that  enforcement is a huge issue, "We are largely asking people to self regulate once we put these rules in place. I still see people smoking on soccer fields and at baseball games but I think the expectation is those people will leave the park and not smoke near kids."

The three public bonfires will be held June 21, July 26 and Sept. 20 at Nickel Beach.

To listen to a conversation between Matt Holmes and Scott Luey click HERE.