Oosterhoff says protesters 'hijacked' community coffee event

A Niagara politician who was the target of a weekend protest over his anti-abortion views is speaking out.

Niagara West PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff issuing a statement to 610 CKTB saying it's unfortunate that the protestors decided to hijack his community coffee event.

He says the protest shut down important conversations about West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and local governance.

A group called "Handmaid's Local 905" protested at the event Saturday hosted by the 21 year-old MPP at the Grimsby Legion.

Many of the protestors were dressed in red cloaks - similar to the characters in the TV adaptation of 'The Handmaid`s Tale.'

They were protesting  the MPP`s comments at an anti-abortion rally at Queen`s Park earlier this month where he vowed to “make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime.”

Protestors blocked Oosterhoff's SUV from leaving the parking lot for over 20 minutes with signs reading "my body, my choice" and "keep abortion safe."

Oosterhoff says the Legion called police, and he respects the decision.

“It is unfortunate that a group of one issue activists decided to hijack my community coffee event. I always look forward to chatting with my constituents at these events, connecting with them about local issues. Unfortunately, these activists shut down conversations about important local matters like the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and the regional governance review.  The Legion felt it was necessary to call the NRP, and I respect their decision.”  

To hear Jennifer Botari, creator of the Handmaid's Local 905 group, on 610CKTB with Matt Holmes, click here.