Ed Sheeran Sends Message Of Love To Fan Battling Ovarian Cancer

Ed Sheeran spreading some joy once again. He sent a personal video to a 39-year-old British woman who has suffered through a series of personal tragedies, .

More recently, she was devastated with the news that she has stage four ovarian cancer.

Kelly Dimmock says,  “Every time I cry, my little boy starts singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ to me, and I’ve joked with him and I said, ‘Well, if you learn all the words, maybe Ed will come round for a cup of tea,” Dimmock shared to BBC. “And you know, didn’t think he’d take it seriously. But yeah he did and he just sat there with his iPad and he was constantly learning, and every time I cry he sings it to me.”

Upon hearing her story, Sheeran took the time to send her a warm video message.You can watch Ed's message by clicking here.