WATCH: Police K-9 leaps into action and stops a chase suspect in a spectacular takedown

A television station in Southern California captured this spectauclar takedown of a chase suspect. The K-9 named Puskas you can see sprints into action when the suspect started fleeing.

The K-9 makes a spectacular leap and tackles the suspect to the ground until his partners arrive to cuff him. 

The Santa Ana Police Department did update on their Facebook page after the incident that Puskas suffered an injury in the takedown and lost all of his upper & lower teeth, with the exception of his canine teeth. Surgery has taken place and the dog has recovered well and back home already...getting plenty of belly rubs I suspect. Well done Puskas!! 

Thanks to The Santa Ana Police Department for allowing us to use photos of Puskas from their Facebook Page.

Watch the takedown below and some pictures of Puskas after surgery with Officer Galeana.