Best Bets - Cantina Tollo

When we stopped by Metro Liquor, Marcia and the gang were re-stocking the shelves after a busy long weekend. Marcia was unpacking an uber-deal on
a heat-beating Italian Rose!

The Cantina Tollo Rosato (Rose) comes in the patio party friendly 1 litre size and is a blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese. An inviting pale strawberry colour, gives way to tropical fruit, and a crisp lively finish.

It's excellent chilled with bbq fish, or chicken, and is a great alternative to red wine in these dog days of Summer. You also cannot beat the price... $13.80 for 1 litre (which works out to about $10 a regular bottle).

Cantina Tollo

Rosato (Rose)

Abruzzo, Italy