Radio; where the music has become a wider experience for user engagement and participation

EZ Rock’s purpose is to create value added user experiences for people, brands and businesses in digital media and radio. With both streaming and established radio platforms continuing to flourish, there has never been a more dynamic time to create your radio and digital marketing presence. 

Radio content continues to tune in our listening for entertainment and consumer spending. However, consumers are behaving differently and have ever higher expectations. Our view of the world is becoming personalized through digital – whether it’s music, news, information, entertainment or the items recommended to us. Our stations are popular with listeners and have a loyal following on social and web platforms not equalled by our competitors. 

Marketers are increasingly turning their attention to audio as a sophisticated and effective advertising platform with unique touch points and the ability to reach people where other media cannot. Clients need efficiency and radio offers that plus a number of advertiser benefits from integrated audio ads to banners on apps, online web presence, audio/video streams, social media and contesting. Radio is immediate and close to the point of purchase. It costs less too. On a market-by-market basis, it costs far less than the expense incurred by creative production in television. 

An insatiable appetite for content has propelled us into Streaming;  the most prevalent and significant format in the modern music industry. In the space of 25 years we have gone from the first internet browser through to the majority of us owning a smart phone and checking them over 200 times a day. The ability to stream radio online opens up a world of options, literally. However, the majority (61%) still choose to stream radio stations from their local area.

Radio remains the only easily available audio option that can provide local content like news, weather, sports and traffic. It also provides locally relevant celebrity announcers who can draw and hold listeners then engage with them on a personal level within the community. On the technical side, informed data collection of digital inventory enables targeting beyond radio’s traditional demographics, opening the door for marketing and digital radio in ways best suited for the consumer. 

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