Best Bets Easter

Happy Easter

With Easter so close we can almost taste it, we wanted to quench your thirst for patio weather with this week's Best Bet. Marcia has sourced an excellent price on a delicious quencher from an award winning BC Winery!(Psst: It's cheaper than at BCLC)

When traveling South wine touring this Spring, Road 13 is a 'must stop' along Oliver's Golden Mile! Their winemaker JM Bouchard is one of our province's best winemakers(not to mention a great guy)and Road 13's portfolio of wines is truly exceptional. The Honest John's Rose is a blend of grapes like Gamay and Merlot, that explodes with strawberries, cranberries and spice. You may recall we LOVE to pair Roses with turkey and ham over the holidays, frankly Roses are one of the most versatile food wines. Easter dinner this weekend? This Honest John's Rose! The Honest John's Rose carries the red berry notes onto the lip smacking, thirst-quenching palate, which goes on for an eternity.

Try this with a charcuterie platter, roast chicken or a goat cheese and beet salad. The most important thing, is to serve it nicely chilled!