Best Bets - Glennallyn Private Reserve

Fall Wine Fest is upon us once again, and while all the 'big players' in the Valley get lots of attention, Marcia and the gang at Metro Liquor wanted to shine a spotlight on a smaller winery in Penticton, that's been winning gold for their wines.

Crescent Hill Winery is creating some very special wines, including their 2014 Gewürztraminer, or 'Gew' for short. This is an old vine Gew, that boasts over 15 foot roots. It adds a depth of character to this wine. Asian spice, white pepper, lychee all with a voluptuous mouth feel. 

Their Gew has been garnering a lot of 'buzz' and is worth a try, particularly with spicy Thai food, dim sum or other Asian fare. The price point is also excellent!