Best Bets - Lago

This week's Best Bet was a collaborative effort between Metro's Geoff, Marcia & Haley.

Geoff said this was great with a Cioppino(seafood soup), Haley loved the price point and Marcia noted its modest 10% alcohol. But there's so much more to love about this 'Green wine' from Portugal.

Vinho Verde literally means green wine, but don't they that fool you. The Lago Vino Verde is vibrant, aromatic with lime zest and melon and even has a little fizz for excitement. This wine will be divine, especially when the heat goes up on your patio!

This wine is excellent with seafood, BC Spot prawns perhaps? Or anything deep fried! Want to try something new, this week's Best Bet is a great opportunity to try something unique from the NorthWest part of Portugal.  

Lago Cerqueria

Vinho Verde


REDUCED to $13.90