Message from Andy

Andy & TJ -  A message from Andy

It's Andy this time with an update on Tj.

Where to begin...first and foremost, she is doing well and continues to win her breast cancer battle. She's completed Chemo #4(of 6)  and is home resting. The days following treatment are the most challenging, but she somehow manages to persevere, with grace and positivity. 

I'm not one to get overly emotional(especially in public), and I hope you will bear with me, as I attempt to articulate how this journey has impacted all of us. Since her diagnosis in November, our world has been turned upside down. You're on a roller coaster of emotions, especially in the early days. Fear, no, pure terror, that the woman you love, your partner, your shining light could be taken from you by this menace: Cancer. Looking back, not knowing what we were facing was excruciating. 

Like most couples, T and I have been through a lot together. Some challenges like her bout with pneumonia, my battle with anxiety and depression...but also incredible joys like watching three curious and intelligent kids,  blossom and flourish into productive and kind young adults. The laughter of an inside joke, her tolerance of my "Amazon addiction", the simply touch of her hand in mine. I wouldn't trade a second of it!

What I can tell you, is  that not being able to take away Tj's pain, her fear, and ultimately her breast cancer, has been the most helpless I've ever felt in my life! I guess I'm old fashioned, as I've always thought my role as husband was to 'fix things' and protect my family from all things evil. I'm supposed to have 'the answers'.  This has not been the case. Time, has been a great teacher these last few months. It's given our family perspective and taught all of us the importance patience and team work. Cancer has physically 'taken' from Tj, but, and this may sound strange, but Cancer has GIVEN us more in return. The ability to enjoy the simplest of pleasures; like falling rain on your face, a walk to the mail box, the feeling and warmth of your wife's arms around you. It has given us the gift of enjoying the moment, and the gift of connection with people. Why, as humans, do we take this fragile gift called 'life' for granted? 

 As I write this, with tears streaming down my cheeks(it's a good thing I don't have my microphone in front of me, because I tend to 'ugly cry'), I can tell you they are tears of joy, hope and love. The woman you hear on the radio, or see at community events, baseball games or at the grocery store,  is the most courageous and positive person I have ever met. Her spirit drives me, she is my strength, my motivator to take on each new day. You really can't have a bad day, when Tj is your muse! We celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary on May 16th, which also happens to be T's Chemo #5. The venue doesn't matter, the fact we are together and moving forward DOES!