A Florida couple asked for school supplies for kids in need as wedding gifts

School supplies

Matt and Kelli Cameron, of Tampa, asked their friends and family not for presents to start their new life together, but for school supplies for around 70 local children.

“We knew we didn’t need much of anything. Anything we did need, we could handle on our own,” Kelli, a teacher, told WTVT. “We started thinking of different charitable acts we could do, and as a teacher, I really liked the school supply idea. So I talked about it with Matt, and we decided on the idea.”

Matt said he "wasn't a fan of the whole wedding gift idea, or wedding in general," and so asking their guests to help children "worked out well."

Each guest who attended their June nuptials was asked to consider donating a backpack full of the supplies.

Kelli, who has worked as a teacher for seven years, said everyone "got a little description of who they were buying for and what size they were for uniforms, and what grade they were in for school supplies that were needed."

The supplies were donated to Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, the news outlet reported. Kelli said the school she works at didn't need help, so she reached out to the elementary school to see what they needed.

“Being a teacher, I know a lot of kids come with nothing to school,” Kelli said. “And you see the kids so excited about the little things: a backpack, or new shoes. It's so important that they can start school excited, and a lot of teachers spend their own money for their kids. This helped out a little bit."

(Story from MSN.com)