Hack of the Night : A quick and easy way to clean disgusting pots and pans

If you're havin' a big shindig down at the ol homestead tonight, you might be left with some dishes to do.  Those dishes might even have to wait until tomorrow depending on how the night goes.  Worst case scenario, you're left with some pots and pans that have baked on cheese or whatever on them.  If you don't remember to at least soak them, you could be in for quite the task trying to clean them.. OR you could try this.. 

Fill it with soap and water, then put in a dryer sheet.  Yep, right there in the soapy water.  Now leave it there for a good hour at least, then go back, pour out the water, and wipe it clean.  Just that easy!!  Now get out there and celebrate will ya?!

Happy New Year!! :D