Hack Of The Night : A tasty way to lose weight

Just in case we have some goofballs out there that read that line (Eat and drink ONLY water) and thought, "that's a great idea", don't do that.  Sure it might work for fish, but you're not a fish, you're a human being.  Plus, think about those shoes you just bought.  You can't wear those shoes out and have your friends go "where did you get those shoes, they're so nice" if you don't have any feet.  Also, if you were a fish, you'd have to live in an aquarium.  Sure Finding Nemo was a lot of fun and laughs but your ability to travel and do the things you love is really limited when you're a fish.  Anyways, back to you being a human being with perhaps a few pounds to lose.  They say that if you eat more of this, you can shed some pounds at the same time.