Hack of the Night : How to get more gas for your dollar

Uless you're a rich and successful South African-born business magnate, investor, engineer, and inventor like Elon Musk, you probably drive a vehicle which needs gas to operate.  None of us are happy with the cost of it, but if you want to get to work and make money to buy things like groceries and sweaters for your cat, you have to buy it.  They say that there's a way to get more gas for your dollar but it's all in the hands.  Here's what they say..

Instead of squeezing the handle all the way, or even wedging the gas cap in there so you don't have to hold it (we've all done that), they say to only squeeze it half way.  That way it prevents so much air getting in there, and allows more gas to flow in to your tank.  Worth a shot anyways..

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