Hack of the Night : How to get rid of bruises

If only it were that easy.. Still, don't do that, it's mean.  We all get bruises, it's just a fact of life.  Some of us bruise much easier than others.  Sometimes I can slightly bump into something and get a huge bruise, and other times I can slip on a broken plate at my buddy Fred's wedding, smash my face on the bar and be totally fine.. If you get bruises easily, here's something that you might want to try to get rid of it.

Soak a cottonball in vinegar and put it on the area for an hour.  Vinegar.. again.. Yesterday the solution was also vinegar.  To think, I've only been using this stuff for cooking.  Chris Rock mad the joke about Robitussin fixing everything, but maybe vinegar is right up there too.  Who knows..  Anyways, try that out next time you get a bruise and hopefully it will go away quicker.

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