Hack of the Night : How to make your own homemade floating cooler

I can still remember having a little green froggy pool with a built-in slide when I was a little guy.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever!  Sadly I got much bigger and outgrew my pool.  If I still had it, I would probably use it.  Sidenote, I have a couple of buddies in Edmonton who had a similar pool, and one night at like 11pm I got a call saying that they needed my help and I had to come over.  I was living with my folks at the time but if they needed help, off I went.  I got there and they two of them were sitting in this pool, in their swim trunks (keep in mind this is 11pm) with tin foil hats on.  Boy we had a good laugh at that.  Luckily nothing was wrong, and I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that alcohol was involved.  Anyways, I bet having a floating cooler would have made that whole experince that much more awesome.  If you're planning on hitting the water this summer, and want to make a floating cooler of your own, here's how..