Hack Of The Night : The best drink to help relieve sore muscles

It seems to go hand in hand.. You work out, you get sore muscles..  Obviously you want to keep hydrated by drinking water while you're working out.  I mean, you really want to drink as much water as often as you can every day anyways.  They say the human body is 60% water.  That's one thing I've never quite understood.  If we're made up of water, why can't I turn into a big puddle of water and slide under doorways and such?  Or when I cut myself, why do I bleed red blood, and not just leak water?  I guess it's my fault for pursuing radio and not getting into science.. Well that's probably my brain's fault for not grasping things as good as I should have.. Stupid brain... Anyways, drink water!  All the time!  When it comes to exercising and repairing those sore muscles, they say THIS is best for you..