Just The Facts : Why are the moon and sun the same size?

If you’ve ever looked up at the sun, first of all don’t do that, it’s bad for your eyes.  You might have noticed that it looks approximately the same size as the moon.  Don’t worry, looking at the moon is ok, you don’t have to worry about that one.  The reason is below, but as to the reason why that’s a thing, I’m really not sure.  I’m sure Neil DeGrasse Tyson knows, but so far he’s not returning my calls…  Actually that’s a lie, I haven’t actually called him.  I know he’s got much more important things to worry about than me.  Just like DiCaprio, I’d love to talk to that dude, and get the skinny on why our planet is doomed but I feel like his attention is better focused on bigger things.  He’s also probably super busy dating models and hanging out with Matt Damon.  Ok, I’ve said enough..