It's Michael Buble like you've never seen him before!

How would you react if the random sales person you were talking to turned out to be a world renowned, well-known singer? On the latest BBC One episode, Michael Bublé went undercover to play a lighthearted prank on some London consumers. With the assistance from the BBC’s skilled hair and make-up crew, Michael remodeled his face and hair to become a completely different person! He even tried to master a South African accent for the role, by imitating his real- life South African friend. Michael has one of the most recognizable voices on the planet and he’s loved by many around the globe. But even though he is so well known, not many people recognised him with his new transformation as Dion, the South African sales man. It wasn’t until he began singing one of his songs that the penny dropped (for some). At one stage of the prank, Michael pokes fun at himself telling a potential buyer that he would only use a Bublé CD as a coaster. “Don’t insult him,” the shopper replies, “Bublé’s good.”  Watch the hilarious video below!

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