Petition To Save Taco Time Has Reached Nearly 4,000 Signatures

Taco Time Kelowna (Via

A petition started by Ray Heathcote, Owner of the Dilworth Taco Time has reached nearly 4,000 Signatures and keeps rising. 

On the website it says,

"Is a cup of coffee worth 40 years of Tacos? Please save our TacoTime.

You have the power to keep this local business in its location that has served your community for over 40 years.

We not asking much. Just a few minutes to explain our plight and offer up a chance to help preserve a local business who has given so much back to the community it serves.

40 years in business at the same location and then forced out."

You can find the petition HERE

Personally speaking, I grew up going to this particular location. I grew up in Merritt playing hockey with my older brothers. This meant making routine trips to the Okanagan. We would often stop at this particular restaurant due to my Mom being a huge fan of. "Mexi-Fries".

They have also created a Facebook page, "Save Taco Time Kelowna" and posted the following video...