Kitimat's Radley Park To Undergo Major Upgrades

Radley Park campground in Kitimat is a hot spot for both locals and tourists-- and new upgrades this year are aiming to make it even more of an attraction. Much more work could be on the way in addition to this year's improvements.

Water damage has been a problem at Radley Park for years, and the District of Kitimat is taking measures to combat the problem.

"What's happening this year is they will be doing shoreline protection. Over the years a number of campsites have been washed away and council approved this in the budget. Consultants came to us a year or two ago and this year we are implementing that." Said Mayor Phil Germuth.

The damage reached a high point last fall when the campground's boat launch was washed away due to severe flooding.

"Also unfortunately in our floods last fall the boat launch got wiped out, but right now we are consulting the right provincial ministries to let us know what we can do to fix it." Germuth continued.

This week the Kitimat council has approved an application to receive one hundred thousand dollars from the BC Rural Dividend Fund, pending provincial approval.

That money will be poured into numerous improvements at both Radley and Hirsch Creek parks.

"Number of campsites, put in a new road, improvements to the campsites, these improvements can include everything from additional electrical sights to park shelters in the campsites, firepits, and items such as that." Martin Gould, the Director for Leisure services in Kitimat said.

If the application is given the green light-- in addition to the provincial money-- the district of Kitimat will bring 250- thousand dollars of upgrade money to the table.

"If we receive the grant we actually have up to two years to complete the project. Our anticipation would be that if we receive the funding, that we would begin work next spring." Said Gould.

Public art installations, food vendor spaces with seating and electricity, and a new disabled fishing space are also in the plans for a new and improved Radley Park.