LNG Canada Provides Optimistic Update To Terrace Council

Representatives from LNG Canada met with Terrace City Council today to provide an update on the project.

Last time Mayor Carol Leclerc met with LNG executives she was told things were at a stand still-- the message she received today couldn't have been more different.

There has been LNG speculation before from LNG Canada, Chevron and even with Petronas' Pacific NorthWest LNG project in Prince Rupert which was scrapped last summer; But the feeling in the room today was overwhelmingly positive.

"It seems like a go stop, go stop kind of attitude. People are to a point of: I'll believe it when I see it. There is certainly a different vibe now with LNG Canada. I'm staying optimistic that there's going to be some good news coming up soon." Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc said following the presentation.

An informational barbeque was hosted by LNG Canada in Kitimat on Tuesday and over 400 people showed up with questions and thoughts regarding the project including Terrace councillor Sean Bujtas.

"I think it's really important that LNG Canada comes to Terrace and speaks to not just the people in Terrace but also the businesses, so people know what is going on and who they can contact if they are looking at getting involved in this project. At the end of the day Kitimat is part of our back yard too so we need to know what's going on." Bujtas explained.

LNG Canada's External Affairs Director Susannah Pierce says holding open house events in Terrace will be talked about in the near future.

As for an update on the project LNG Canada says Petronas recently buying a 25- percent stake in the 40-billion dollar project has increased the capacity and experience of the the entire operation.

"It addresses a bit of the affordability piece. If you are sharing costs across five instead of just four joint venture participants, it actually becomes a more affordable thing to think about, so from that perspective it's a good thing."

Through out the process of a potential final investment decision, Pierce had this to say about issues arising: "elected officials won't even have to knock on the door, they will already be in the room."

"We will triage (the issues), and we will manage them. Our goal is to ensure we minimize, and avoid any issues including social impacts."

The feeling from council through out today's question and answer period remained curious and positive, as LNG Canada reaffirmed their commitment that a Final Investment Decision is nearing.

"you're looking at the employment opportunities that many of the people in the region have access to and hopefully become apart of. For all of us it's a very significant investment, but not one that's taken lightly." Pierce said.