Remembrance Day In Terrace

This Saturday marked Remembrance Day across the country.  A parade downtown, followed by prayers at the Tillicum theatre took place in Terrace. The Terrace Salvation Army was well represented at this weekends Remembrance Day ceremonies.

"We I think anytime you are driving behind a veteran or you see a veterans license plate you should almost get out and thank them for what they've done. What we know is our world here in Canada, wouldn't be the same without them. I think it's very important to remember what they've and what they've given up for us. We experience a great measure of freedom and it's mostly due to what they've given up for us." Said Jim VanderHeyden of the Terrace Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has been busy lately with Remembrance Day, but VanderHeyden says the organization is focusing on helping the community year round. They run a community foodbank, a thrift store, and hold church services every Sunday at eleven o'clock. The organization also holds a free breakfast on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.