Skeena MLA Downplays Possible Provincial Election

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross is downplaying the possibility of a Liberal government taking over the legislature in late 2018.

This comes after NDP MLA Leonard Krog entered the Nanaimo mayoral race.

The slim minority government held by the NDP backed by the Green Party, could be compromised if Krog is elected mayor.

Ross was asked about excitement surrounding the Liberal caucus.

"Mr. Krog is going to keep his MLA office, and if he loses the Mayor race then he still gets to be an MLA. If he wins it, then question becomes can he do both jobs at the same time. As far as I'm concerned it will be business as usual."

If Krog steps down Premier John Horgan will have six months to call a bye election.

If the Liberals are victorious in the bye- election the tie in legislative seats would temporarily be held by the speaker of the house, thus speculating a provincial election could be triggered.

Krog has announced he won't be collecting his M-L-A salary during his mayoral campaign.